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"I will make [some of you] a playlist [on Spotify]", 8 days ago, 11:51 PM #1
Environment Knight
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Looking to discover some new music? I'm ya girl B)

I will make you a playlist of somewhere under 30 songs (TBD but you'll all get the same number) on Spotify! Tell me your music tastes and I will do my very best to put in stuff I think you'll like, or give me a general vibe/mood along with your tastes and I will try to match it.
There is a caveat though! If your music tastes seem like they're wildly different from mine, I'm not gonna make you a playlist, because there's too high of a chance it might be a huge waste of time on my part.

Here are some genres I know a lot about:
-tropical house
-cynical AND genuine bubblegum alt
-Balkan, klezmer, and Yiddish; traditional and modern
-stuff you'd listen to while getting baked in a tent in the year 1968
-general EDM
-stuff you'd listen to while tearing through Nigeria on an old motorcycle
-catchy fast paced stuff in a minor key

Here are some genres I know absolutely nothing about:
-metal in general
-crunchy guitar with whiny man vocals
-modern country (midcentury country OK)
-sufjan stevens and other ASMR

Anyways, what will really be the most helpful is if you just tell me your tastes, because I'm sure there's a ton of genres I can work with that I didn't list here.
I'll probably do 5 of these, not first come first serve, FIRE AWAY
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So here I'll test for the earlier (pre-oilcrisis) stuff.

- First generation protodoom, (it's not metal, and much earlier then that)
- the darker side of Kraut (Not the jazzy or folk versions)
- Original psychedelic rock, more on the heavy psyche side (not any of the later imitations or bubblegum- or soft pop-crossovers)
- pre-mainstream Mersey Beat (not limited to the exact area)
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loved birds way before they were the word
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Here’s the genres I appreciate. I really like things that are in minor key. I also tend to veer towards things with a retro vibe.

90s trance/techno
Vintage electronica
Space age lounge
Library music
Psychedelic/prog rock
Jazz fusion
80s dark synth
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