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"Artist looking for Artist Assistants", Two weeks ago, 1:49 AM #1
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Hello! I am a writer and artist of an upcoming fantasy webtoon. I have already made decent progress in the backlogs, but I've come to realise I need extra help to prevent me from being overwhelmed.

The story is about a witch girl named Wanda. She lives in a world where witches aren't well accepted, but she still tries her best to prove herself and clear the name of witches. But it doesn't help that she's very clumsy and her name becomes infamous instead. The story details her journey to become the type of witch she wants everyone to see her for.

I am looking for aritst assistants for the following:
- Flatting
- Basic cell shading (I will be refining the colouring)
- Background lineartist

You do not need to be an advanced artist. I am happy to take on beginner artists as well, and I will teach you all the necessary skills, and provide guidance and tips in your art journey. This will be a long term partnership, and I hope we can all become well acquainted with one another.

I will be prioritising unpaid partnerships where future earnings will be arranged. However, if you prefer to be a paid hire, please include your rates for me to consider.

[Here is a link with details of this webtoon project]
, as well as some images of what the panels look like.

[Here is my website] if you are interested in my art style.

If you are interested, please DM me on discord (FruitTartz#6497), as that will be my preferred method of communication.
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Two weeks ago, 4:05 AM #2
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I hope you find somebody and I look forward to reading the comic when it gets going. I'm too bussy with my own comic to apply, myself. But, good luck.
"Ooh ooh me", 9 days ago, 3:55 AM #3
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Backgrounds application
Hello. I am Stickman333.
I am applying for the role of background lineartist (i can also make the actual backgrounds if you want).
I have experience in this. Ever since I was young, I would always sketch out beautiful sights i saw. Let's say I go to the beach. I'd bring my sketchbook to draw it.
I will link to an image I drew for reference on my skills.
shading application
I also have done this before. Again, I will link to reference image.
I do not charge any money for this job, however, it would be much appreciated if you credit me and link my webcomic.
I own a webcomic (, and while not a lot of my background skills are seen, I thought I'd add that.
I too hope we get acquainted and get too know each other well, and see how I can change my art skills.
Thx! Plz respond soon.
(btw my Discord is sevenpenny#3416)
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