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"Best way to make a Patreon?", Two weeks ago, 1:50 AM #1
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I'm planning ahead for when I'm ready make a Patreon. At the very least, I'm assuming I'll need a dedicated line of credit to separate donor money from my personal finances. What else would I need to know? Any advice/warnings?

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Don't have a Patreon but from what I read from people who do, think carefully about the rewards and tiers you plan to give each month.
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They recently rolled out sales tax, although it's a very confusing system and their FAQ is difficult to understand.
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Are there any other funding sites that are reliable?
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ive had a patreon for many years. i started with nothing. no credit, no money, a freshly made bank account to auto deposit to. it is basically my one and only job that i hope will grow enough to support me.

think very hard what you want to offer per teir and if you can deliver it. the basic advise. below are points that can help you.

1 patreon only charges off what you make, there's no forced charge subscription under creators. so if you make nothing, they wont charge anything. they take a percentage off when you do start earning.

2 patreon handles the new sales tax for you, but not regular income taxes. only the subscribers under you take the tax. and even then its only new to american buyers. across the seas they've had this for a long while, so nothing new to them. sales tax is based on where the buyer is NOT the seller. (sales tax is officially implemented now, but fresh since this july 1st.)

3 the CEO made some really helpful vids on how to adjust and mark how your sales tax work per tier. narrowing down exactly what they offer and how the tax amount is separated. such as if you offer a tier with only digital content, it may or may not be taxed at all in certain states.
CEO showing patreon sales tax settings

4 you can select whether to charge per month OR per creation if you feel you rarely post. you can also cancel billing for a month if you have nothing to offer that time. which will resume after that unless you say otherwise.

5 if you have a cell phone you can implement charge up front.
this is where one huge issue is. if you DON'T have charge up front. people can "subscribe" without being billed, see ALL your stuff for free, then ditch before their cards are charged. cards and payments are only taken on the 1st of each month. UNLESS charge up front is enabled, in which it takes immediately.
the only thing you can do is report the take-and-runs if it happens.
HIGHLY suggest implementing this on the 1st IF you have patreons already. because if not, it'll double charge the patreons that already paid for the month. if no patreons, then whenevers fine.

6 you can vastly schedule posts to release: for certain teirs, early access to teirs first before releasing publicly later.

7 there are others that are somewhat similar that big artists use such as ko-fi.

i have personally not used this though. :v

8 patreon doesint advertise, so thats completely up to you on spreading awareness of your page.

9 they DO NOT allow raffles!
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Dan with a Plan:Are there any other funding sites that are reliable?

There's BuyMeACoffee which is like Ko-fi except you don't need to pay monthly to use their paywall feature. They take a percentage of your earnings instead.

There's also Gumroad, they have a subscription feature.

And lastly, Subscribestar
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Do you have to offer tier rewards on Patreon? I thought people could just chuck you some change if they liked your comic.
Two weeks ago, 10:38 AM #8
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yes and no. you need a teir to list, cause thats just the format.
you really dont have to offer anything, its just what most do. like offering behind the scenes sketches or a page early etc.

you could just have one "teir" thats $xx as a donation jar without other rewards. people can also choose a custom amount minus rewards.

another feature is you can link a discord chat up to it. and give certain teir pledgers a discord rank in your servers.
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Dan with a Plan:I'm planning ahead for when I'm ready make a Patreon. At the very least, I'm assuming I'll need a dedicated line of credit to separate donor money from my personal finances. What else would I need to know? Any advice/warnings?


I have patreon and still don`t really understand how it works. I`m sure I`m doing something terribly wrong. I`m an awful capitalist.

5 days ago, 10:39 AM #10
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what troubles you having? :v
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Well I just went up and read your post so that helps a little. But exactly what are these Tiers? How do I reward people for being a Patron? Is it like I have unique artwork that only they get to see? What exactly can I offer? Or do I give them actual artwork? How do I even know if my Patron is working so people understand what they`re getting?

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hat are these Tiers?:
tiers are the lvls/ amounts people pay and the selective rewards you offer under those teirs.

(useing mine as an example)

you'll see sections i labeled: doppel tip jar > carrion > phoenix etc etc
each have their own sub pricing and certain amount of rewards.

as a creator its easy to make these by pressing "edit your page" once you have a page up. another thing to note is make sure the page is published. otherwise nobody will see it and you cant add anything to it.

in edit your page at the top it has a little menu: Basics, Tiers, Merch, Getting Paid, Page Settings, and Advanced
basics is to change your title of the page, banner, avatar, etc

in teirs you can press "add teir" and theres no limit to them or extra fees to add. so you can have a little or many as you want. =]

after adding a teir it will have you fill out what you want under it
teir name, the sub price for payees,
benefits > which is were the taxes come in, but are easy and just require labeling like "donation" "digital downloads" etc that best suit the offerings.
teir description where you give a summery of what your offering if someone subs to it.
select an image you want to represent your teir (optional, but recommended. some make little badges or icons)
thats it for a basic teir. =]

advanced area: (optional)

here you can add further things to a certain teir your making. such as:
limited slots. so lets say for ex your offering a huge goodie chest slot for $100, BUT you dont want to get 500 people getting this slot and making it hard for you to fufill. here, you can make a limit like only 5 people can have this. best for special rewards.
ask for shipping address. for such cases as the goddie chest or possible prints and such you want to send to those subs.
discord roles: if you have a discord you can set up a chat room with the patreon bot and assign tiers you've made. the patreon bot gives the roles you've assigned automatically.
adjust benefits value. highly reecomend doing. its pretty much marking %of how much of each benifit offers. is it 100% digatal downloads? or %50 general support and %50 physical rewards? etc etc

after you've got everything you can save teir and its ready. =]

How do I reward people for being a Patron?
the actual rewards are up to you. digatal downloads, pages ahead, physical prints, a thank you card, voice chat with you etc etc.
teirs are what make it very easy to offer special items, such as with the limited slots section. you can offer specific artwork only for a certain teir, but you dont have to. people do it to attract followers to pay for more.

on mine for example the $1 teir is just a tip jar and a discord role.
while my $5 teir gets you a page ahead of non payees, discord roles, sneak peeks, sketches, PDF book downloads etc.

meanwhile some others have limited roles offering commission discounts, or free requests every x months of support. then some other really big pages are offering cups and tshirts, concert tickets to their shows. etc.

anything you want to offer, just stay aware of your limitations. =] dont want to offer physical unique prints at a $1 then end up getting 200 people subbing to that teir. then needing to do 200 special prints for only $200.
you can even just have one $1 tier thats just a tipjar and offers nothing which is perfectly fine. rewards are more to attract people to pay higher and you reward them with extra cool goodies.

How do I even know if my Patron is working so people understand what they`re getting?
you mark down in teir summery what your offering. and also making sure your page is published. this solely depends on you and posting on time or at least scheduling your item releases.
then when the merchandise you've made is ready you can go to the side menu on the left > post > new > select what best fits the post (text, image, video etc) > fill out the info youd like to describe it like title and summery.

but off to the right is the more advanced such as scheduling. which is where and who sees the posts.
at the top is a "publish now" button, but with an arrow next to it that extends a mini menu. allowing you to schedule or save as draft. pressing schedual will allow you to select a time/ date when to release the page. (more info connected to early access schedule, lower)
below that is a box saying public, patreons only, and select tier. public means both payees and non payees can see it. patreons only means teirs A,B,C,D etc can all see it. select teirs means only teirs you select from a list of teirs you offer. for ex: selecting C and D can only let them see the item. NOT A or B.

early access (CAN be mixed with scheduled publishing)
selecting early access will then let you select a time and date agian. IF you have schedualed release selected it will force you to pick a date AFTER the schedualed date.

so for ex: i want to release a comic page 1 week early for teirs C and D before it releases to public.
i set it in scheduled release to "Release" aug 7st. teirs C and D will see it then.
with early access it will keep it locked from others until the selected early access date aug 14th. which will then fully release for all.

you can mix and match what you want. like scheduled for only teirs, but no early access.

the only thing is you cant drop it a bunch of teir over a long time course.
so its either only X selected teirs. or X selected tiers then right to public release.
cannot do: A teir (date), drops to B teir (date), drops to C teir (date), then finally public.
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That is very detailed. Once again, thanks. Appreciated.

4 days ago, 3:58 PM #14
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I’ve been on the platform since 2015, so I’ve seen them change so much..the above advice is SO GOOD so I won’t reiterate...but my best advice is to keep an eye on them and what they do. They’ll fiddle around a lot with back end stuff, and unless you’re following them on social media or people who are keeping tabs on their activity you wouldn’t know to adjust accordingly.

You might not always get their emails prompting you about what changes are coming even as a content creator. Whenever there’s changes with charging, taxes, etc, they usually foist the responsibility on you as a creator to mitigate any losses, complaints or damage of relationship between you and your supporters.

Watch them closely and have a back up like Ko-fi. Your back up doesn’t have to be as active but you can always use it as a 1 time donation thing. Gumroad is great if you wanna bundle your stuff into one pdf or package for people to support you that way. Sometimes I release sketchbooks there to the public for like $5 and but my 5 and up patrons get it first,...!
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