As of August 20th, I had put myself into corner where I find myself immense difficulty doing the next pages justice in the midst of crossover story event. Which has lead to spur of demotivation and yet another lovely hiatus.

This is following an hard-worked ongoing solo 'Kirby' sprite comic series that I typically work alone on, with few case exceptions.

Although I would normally wait out storm until I can do so alone, even if can lead to 'inadequate' or 'subpar' results of what I am trying, this time I am extending out towards forms while in that wait.

The 'conflict' in question is scripting around 'undetermined' amount of pages following an large varied cast gathered in single 'meeting' area towards fairly important discussion surrounding'in-world topic', responces and reactions. The act of writing their dialogue naturally and giving it justice is fairly difficult. This doesn't even fully 'explain' it, more pale synopsis trying to 'explain'.

Although I have some of the script for the 'meeting', it is fairly loose account and doesn't quite cover it for what is needed.

I have need of some individual who could providely help in this regard, however would understand if unfavorable.

I only ask for 'writing' help as I will cover the visuals of said comic, even if having troubles for that too, since it is a sprite comic and rather niche subject.

Help Needed:

-Writing/Script Assistance
-Natural Dialogue.
-Characters 'in Character'

Help 'Weakness':

-Undetermined Amount.
-Minimal Rewards.

Help Rewards:

-Full Credit in description of those pages, including a link to any property one might own.

-One Digital Drawing from yours truly.

Also to those who bother to read this scrambled mess, thank you for taking time out of day to see this.

[If this isn't where something like 'this' goes, I apoligize]