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"Localization issues: strings not found", 13 days ago, 11:45 AM #1
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I spent some time just now trying to translate a new webcomic site into Dutch. Most of this has been pretty easy to do because the template code is pretty clear. There were a few things I couldn't find, though.
1: Date strings: these seem to be pulled from the backend and not accessible for translation. Is this correct, and if so, how can I help? (I do localization for a living).
2. Some strings on the new integrated comments feature:
Leave a comment on [comictitle]
(the greyed-out prompt) Write A Comment!
(button) login to Comicfury


I think I may have simply overlooked these but there aren't a lot of different places to search for them. Are they accessible to translate?
12 days ago, 1:42 AM #2
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About the comment form:

unfortunately they are not currently accessible to translate and there isn't any trivial way to solve that. the comment form is not directly part of the template, because it needs to know your comicfury login. for this reason it's also not possible to edit the template, since this would lead to security problems, that's also the reason why you can't customize the form beyond a few colors, it basically still has a lot of the same limitations as the comment popup in that regard.

Date strings:

you can configure them in your webcomic settings. if you want a formatting added that's not available, you can ask me to add it. (although I won't be able to add some things that require logic)
12 days ago, 9:43 AM #3
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OK, that's a clear answer, thanks. Is there a way for us to submit translations that could be tied to either the user's known language pref or the ones configured for the comics (in other words, if the backend knows the comic is in Dutch/German/Spanish/Chinese, it can return the relevant strings in that language)?

The list of date formats has one that is appropriate for a Dutch locale (day/month/year and no named months) but I would hope for there to be a way to do the same things - to have some sort of internationalization database that names of the months can be pulled from. Now that I'm writing this down, this does look like a complex wish, though.
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