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"Quick Questions", 2 days ago, 12:05 AM #1
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This is a thread for people who have a quick question that needs to be answered and don't want to make an entire thread dedicated to it.

Just post your question here and/or look through the thread to see if there are any questions you know the answer to.

No personal life stuff, religion, politics, sexual content, or anything therapy-related. And PLEASE don't treat this thread as a doctor's office!

Examples of acceptable questions:

-"Can I get some opinions on this character design?"

-"Hey, does anyone know what food I should buy for my hamster?"

-"Am I using correct grammar in my script?"

-"How much do you think this collectible Smurfs-themed bong is worth?".

Examples of unacceptable questions:

-"My wife is cheating on me! What do I do?"

-"Is there really a God?"

-"Where do I dump this blow-up doll, I don't want it anymore."

-"I have a rash on my [REDACTED] can someone please take a look at it?"

Merged Doublepost:

I'll go first.
Asking anyone who knows a lot about race cars or cars in general. What kind of car is this? I know it's a race car and that it's from the 80s, but that's about all I know.
2 days ago, 12:57 AM #2
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I don't know much about cars, but according to google thats a 1984 March 84G Chevrolet GTP.
Used by a Blue Thunder racing team?

Anyway here's the website i found with the info.
2 days ago, 1:00 AM #3
I can explain
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A reverse image search pulled up this page, it's a Chevrolet Corvette GTP, and that specific car won the 1984 IMSA GT Championship.

... I don't know much about racing. I just did a reverse image search and then enough research to corroborate.

Edit: Bam, sniped by Teles, who seemed to have the same plan I did.
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