If you have questions, comments, speculation, gossip or fan art for Velvet Rasputin Comics, but don't want to clutter the comments section, then this is the thread for you. Here's the current list of active projects.

Rasputin Catamite
The Rasputin Catamite concept presents a series of modernized Slavic folk tales, mixed with stories inspired by scandalous headlines from the Soviet Union. Rasputin Catamite weaves metaphorical autobiography, historical fiction and political satire into a single narrative. Despite its superficial appearance as brainless entertainment, this comic has tackled controversial issues such the concept of family, child abuse, the sexual identity continuum, gender, religion, BDSM, substance abuse, death, human exploitation, the occult, religious corruption, government oppression, famine, politics, historical veracity, and bigotry.

I Have Problems - A Barxotka Story
Simple drawings hide an ultra-dark graphic novella series about the problematic life of a fallen dissident priest in Soviet Russia and the social structures that screw over everyone everywhere.

ESPAÑOL - Érase una vez en el futuro, un déspota arrogante llamado Tezcatlipoca, se encargó a escribir una breve historia del mundo después de un cataclismo conocido como el Armageddon de las Mariposas. No todos los detalles fueron verídicos. La guerra de la sopa primordial, es una novela gráfica bilingüe de ciencia ficción llena de belleza perturbadora.

ENGLISH - Once upon a time in the future, an arrogant despot by the name of Tezcatlipoca, took it upon himself to write a short history of the world after a cataclysmic event known as the Butterfly Armageddon. Some of the details weren't entirely truthful. SOUP Wars is a bilingual science fiction graphic novel that is as disturbing as it is beautiful.
I am Vas, art director of Velvet Rasputin, creator of Rasputin Catamite, SOUP Wars, I Have Problems and Barxotka webcomics.