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"Comic control button display question", 9 days ago, 6:54 PM #1
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Just something I've been wondering about...

So - comic fury has edit, delete, and reply buttons on each comment. If you’re logged in, there’s a bit of script that (I believe) checks to see if your user ID matches the ID on a comment. If it does, you get all the buttons, if not, you just get reply button (or if you’re an admin on the comic site, you get delete/reply).

HOWEVER - this doesn’t seem to work if a user is on incognito mode (or on on my ipad (even if logged in it displays all for everyone); assuming that Apple has something about their browsing that mucks it up).

Is there a way to change this? I would think incognito would count you as a guest, but it doesn't seem to, as it displays everything rather than just the reply buttons.

Not sure if this is even something that could be fixed from the user end or not.
8 days ago, 3:10 PM #2
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it displays everything on purpose, because people who have third party cookies disabled would not see the buttons otherwise, even if they're logged in. so that means they couldn't edit/delete comments at all. On the ipad in particular, you will need to press the "login to comicfury" button before it allows you to modify the comment (if it's a current version of iOS), because of privacy protections apple has put in place - that's why it shows all buttons, because until you press that button, the comic site can't know if you're logged in.

I am currently developing an auth feature to make detecting login in situations like on your ipad more robust, although I'm not sure yet if that will also entail hiding those buttons for guests, there unfortunately might still be edge case situations where it's still a good idea to show the buttons in case someone is logged in after all, it just can't be detected at that moment

that being said, you could change this behaviour using some javascript. if you still want to go ahead and hide those buttons in those situations, let me know and I'll see about coming up with a little script for you.
8 days ago, 3:31 PM #3
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Ah, okay - I didn't realize they'd potentially be hidden for people who could actually use them in some situations. Makes sense why that's the default option then! If it's currently not possible to change it's fine; I'd rather have too many people seeing buttons they can't use than limit the site's functionality for some users.

I solved my main gripe by just hiding the buttons on the comments at the top of the page (I use author notes in the normal author notes section, but also as a preface, and the buttons look clunky for viewers). I know where they are and they pop up on hover, but they're not intrusive for viewers.

Thank you for the information!


As a possible future suggestion though - perhaps lowering the opacity a bit on those buttons (just edit and delete) wouldn't be a bad idea? It indicates that they don't work to most people, but if someone wants to edit their comment and knows they should be able to (as it is their comment) they'd likely try clicking it anyway, and then they'd be given the option to log in.
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