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"New layout variables that call for pages behind/in-front of the current page", 24th Nov 2022, 6:40 PM #1
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on my site i have it laid out where the previous 3 pages are cascaded behind the current page and the next page is peeked out on the right, you can check it out on my webcomic for example

I think it looks nice and wanna do everything I can to keep it the way it is, it just can be implemented a lot better

A while back I asked if a variable like this existed @ this thread and was giving a really good hint: using javascript to achieve the result. so at first i tried to call back to the previous images by calling for the file names but it didn't work out because they don't have a name i can just add 1 to for example page 8's file name is "48053a1667718036b78254f1759565201-png" and 9 is "48053a1669070984b78254f617699161-png" (so just going 48053a1667718036b78254f1759565201 + 1 isn't going to work) so then i saw that you can upload extra files yourself and name them exactly what you wanted, so i just uploaded the pages there too- but now I'm double uploading... at first i figured it would be worth it and its just a mild inconvenience,

but the more I think about it the more stressed I become of the longevity of the comic. Lets say i get to page 500, would the site even allow me to upload that many extra files? I am 100% sure i have a finite amount of space I am allowed to use up but I don't know what it is, would I hit the cap of file quantity or file size first? and what the heck was I gonna do if i hit either of those caps???

But i came up with a couple of solutions tho:
- Ask for the variable. if that doesn't work out, okay
- Host these double uploaded images somewhere else, but...

the problem with this solution is I need to find a image hosting site that have a predictable link, and allow you to change the image file name, like imgur for example- I'm pretty sure the image name is a random string of characters and imgBB keeps the file name but its contained in a directory with a random sting of text.
So if anyone knows of a image hosting site that might work I'd appreciate it, thanks

But all this just to say again - I would very much like 4 magical variables that can automatically get the image of the first, second, and third pages that come before the page the reader is on and one that links to the next.
like [v:comicimage-1] [v:comicimage+1] or something
thank you for reading
13 days ago, 3:38 AM #2
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Amazon S3 buckets might be the answer you're looking for.
13 days ago, 4:33 AM #3
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Thank you so much I'll look into this
13 days ago, 10:32 AM #4
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I think a variable for the comic image from 3 pages back is probably a bit too specific for me to be willing to add it (since it would have to be loaded specifically for this, it's not information that is available already), sorry.

I think the best way to do this without using extra files would be using custom template variables. There's a link here explaining what they are and how they work, but the gist of it is that you can add extra fields to the comic upload form, where you can fill in bits of data that is then available to you on that comic page.

You can create a custom template variable by going to "edit layout" in your webcomic management, and then hitting "Add custom variables" in the box labelled useful either next to or below the code editor (depending on your screen size). Then you can create a variable for each image URL, so e.g. [v:custom.previous1], [v:custom.previous2], [v:custom.previous3] and [v:custom.next1]. Then, on the upload screen you would basically just get the image URLs for the last 3 page images and pop them in there.

now the downside to this solution is obviously that it involves a lot of copying and pasting URLs, and if ever you change the image of a comic page, you're going to have to edit the URL on the previous page and subsequent 3 as well.
13 days ago, 5:05 PM #5
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Cool it works perfectly, i think i can almost completely drop javascript with using those things I really appreciate it!
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