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"The 2023 Blind Date Crossover Exchange", 4th Jan 2023, 4:36 AM #1
but bob just wants to be friends
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Hello everyone! With a new year comes new opportunities for love, friendship, and meeting new people. And with that comes a new Blind Date Crossover Exchange so your OCs can try their hands at those!

Joining me as my co-host for this exchange is our very own David A Webcomic. We'll both be putting our very best into this thing.

If you're at all familiar with how the Blind Date Exchange has gone for the past couple years, we're going to be doing it like that. But for those who aren't aware, here are some of the details:

--- You will submit your comic(s) for the exchange.
--- Once you've signed up, you will be assigned a comic for the exchange.
--- The theme is a blind date. This means that once you are assigned to a comic, you choose a character from your comic to go on a blind date with a character from their comic.
--- Don't overthink things. The dates can be as friendly and platonic as you want, or you can make it steamy and romantic (within reason, obviously).

Now let's get into the more focused details of this.


--- Submit the comic(s) you want to use in the exchange (Up to a MAXIMUM OF TWO comics per person).
--- Your comics (the ones you want to sign up with, not the exchange pieces) should be AT LEAST AROUND 15 pages or longer as well. May take some exceptions if we think there's enough material to go off of.
--- Submit the content warning tags that your comic(s) has as well. (V, S, L, N)
--- If you'd like to be a backup artist, then say so!


--- List the tags of comics that you WOULD NOT like to be paired with, if you so wish.
--- If you don't wish to be paired with a comic you've done in the past, you can list that as well (We will try to accommodate as best as we can).
--- If you DO NOT want specific characters from YOUR comic to be used in the exchange, list them so whoever is assigned to you knows not to use them (When we message you your assigned comic later, we will also provide the optional list in my message for simplicity's sake)

Alright, now for general rules.


This is for people young and old, so keep it nice and fun for everyone. No NSFW.

Don't be a jerk. Respect the comic and characters you are assigned to, just as you'd want your own comic and characters to be respected.

Preferably with enough notice and not the day before the exchanges are due. It's understandable that life things happen and you may have to drop out, but we also need time to give your assignment to a backup artist and finish it before submissions end.

Us being me and David who are hosting these things. Ask us whatever you need to know. We don't bite! And if you specifically need to know something about your assignment's comic, we can just message them for you so things stay anonymous and fun for the exchange.

What's the point of doing one of these exchanges if it isn't fun to do so? Enjoy yourself!

Now for some important dates and times you should definitely keep in mind.


* SIGNUPS CLOSE January 11th.
* ASSIGNMENTS SENT January 12th.
* EXCHANGE PIECE DUE February 12th (A month to complete it. And it gives backup artists some extra time as well).
* EXCHANGE STARTS UPDATING February 18th! It will start at 12:00pm EST (Eastern Standard Time). It will be updated in ten minute intervals. For exchange pieces with multiple pages, those will be updated in five minute intervals once they begin.

And we can't forget about the Cover Page!


As with most Crossover Exchanges, we're going to have a cover page with your OCs on it. If you want to participate in this, draw your characters dressed up for a date! Up to two characters per person. Make sure to draw them on a white or transparent background, and at a large enough resolution to be scaled down for the cover page.

Alright, and that's everything! Remember that sign-ups close on January 11th and your exchange pieces are due on February 12th. If anyone has any other questions, feel free to ask below.

PARTICIPANTS (Because I still like listing these things):

-- David: A Webcomic - by David A Webcomic (Yellow N/S, Red L)
-- Pine Hill Creature Feature - by Jeremy7 (Red V/L)
-- Stardust and Roses - by Nyunny (Yellow N/L, Red V)
-- A Day in Hillsburg - by nilloc04 (Yellow S/V, Red L)
-- Pegasus Project - by zaten (Yellow S/N, Red V/L)
-- Zorgnox's Depository of Earth Sundries - by Lord Myk (Yellow V/S/L)
-- Thomas & Zachary - by TheMario360 (Yellow V/L)
-- Kaza's Mate Gwenna - by Jay042 (Yellow S/L, Red N)
-- Waste of Time - by Mel Cormac (Yellow S, Red L)
-- Souls Foreclosed - by SevWildfang (Yellow S/L, Red V/N)
-- Johnathon John Johnathon John Johnathon John Johnson and the Cheddar Overlords 0.9 - by ScottKrenner (Yellow V)
-- Cupcake War Machine - by MK_Wizard (No Tags)
-- Tangentville - by KidCthulhu (Yellow N/S/L)
-- IWATSV - by spacekrispies (Yellow V/N/S, Red L).
-- Minimal - by jmluvsbob (Yellow V/N, Red S/L)
-- Fantomah - by Lee Lines (Yellow V)
-- Same Sky Same Scenery - by Fortune Kitty (No Tags)
-- Cosmos - by Cartoonist_at_Large (No Tags)
-- Minnie and Max: Monster Girl Detectives - by NeilKapit (No Tags)
-- Cryptida - by Microraptor (Yellow V/S/N/L)
-- Sleeping Magic - by apocalypticnight (Yellow V/S, Red L)
-- Hawk and Flo Adventures! - by HeaddyPigeon4180 (No Tags)
-- Wizard Business - by thecount (No Tags)
-- Rumors and Conspiracies - by Pinkie_draws_stuff (Yellow V/L)
-- Noipan - by mightguy15 (Yellow N, Red V/L)
-- Demon King - by Maelstrom51210 (Yellow L, Red V)
-- Max el Perico - by Cascaron (No Tags)
-- By Staff and Sword - by Centcomm (Red N/S/V/L)
-- Questionable Influence - by ACottontail (Yellow V)
-- The Mansion of E - by geoduck (Red V)
-- Comfur-Chan - by killersteak (No Flags)
-- Grinder$ - by lirvilas (Red N/S/L)
-- Selling Smiles - by Rulerbrain (Yellow N/S, Red V/L)

Back-Up Artists:
-- Lord Myk
-- Haunted World - by Hollering.Ghost (Yellow V/S, Red L)
-- Lemmy and Brad - by Lirazelam (No Tags)
image banner by killersteak / maice / me
image banner by killersteak
4th Jan 2023, 4:36 AM #2
*not actually a webcomic
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(Also signing up myself, I'm yellow N/S, red L, any tags as long as it's not straight-up porn and I've worked with Tangentville, Pirate For Hire, and Almighty Protectors before)
*is actually a webcomic
USDA Certified Meat Baby
4th Jan 2023, 5:02 AM #3
teeth falling out dream
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I'd like to sign up with PHCF!

Would rather not work with: Porn
Previous 5 PHCF assignments: Pegasus Project, Pigeon and Rat, Aster and Delphinium, Cryptida, Breadfinder
4th Jan 2023, 5:13 AM #4
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Comic: Stardust and Roses
Comic Tags: Yellow N/L, Red V
Tags I don't prefer: Red/Yellow N/S
Recent Exchange: Fantomah, The Strangest Coven, Signals

(I'm working on the cast page aaaaaaa)
4th Jan 2023, 5:22 AM #5

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I’ll do it with A Day In Hillsburg
My tags are Red L, and yellow s and v
I would like to not be paired with comics with Red N or Red S
Previous comics I worked with is
Ashface’s Daughter
Cupcake War Machine
Jingo Beyond!
Thomas and Zachary
4th Jan 2023, 7:04 AM #6
saw what you did
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Singing up with pegasus project!
It has red V and L tags and yellow S and N tags. I'm fine with any tags, just please no "porn without plot" comics.

I've previously done:
kaza's mate, gwenna
David: a Webcomic
Angels of the fallen
The battalion
Mental link
4th Jan 2023, 1:19 PM #7
formerly Podgor
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I'm in with Zorgnox's Depository of Earth Sundries.

Tags: Yellow Y/S/L and okay with any tags

Recently done comics:
A Day in Hillsburg
Kaza's Mate, Gwenna
The Mansion of E
Demon King
Adventures of Sir Power
The Legendary Queen
Angel Down

I am also willing to be a back-up artist.
4th Jan 2023, 2:32 PM #8

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I'd like to submit my new series The Musings of Andromeda Jane in advance. The first page of the comic will debut tonight, but I still want to enter it into the exchange if that's okay.

Tags: Red V, Red L, Red N, Red S. I'm a-okay with any and all tags.
4th Jan 2023, 2:44 PM #9

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I'll sign up with Thomas & Zachary. Has yellow V and L tags. I'm ok with any tags.

Recently did pics for:

Invincea and the Warriors from Hell
4th Jan 2023, 3:08 PM #10
In the right place, all the time
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Signing up with Kaza's Mate Gwenna (Red N flag) since this is my 48th or 49th exchange, I don't bother listing all the comics I've crossed with.
4th Jan 2023, 4:05 PM #11
Dogfight Pilot
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I'd like to sign up with Waste Of Time!
It has a red L flag and yellow S flag.

I'm fine with all flags.

Only thing to note is that if you decide to take my character Ken on a date, please make it platonic only :)
Everyone else is up for pretty much anything!
Character ages are on the cast page, but all the major players are over 18

Looking forward to doing another exchange it's been way too long since I've taken part!
4th Jan 2023, 4:20 PM #12
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im back baybee

signing up (again!) with Souls Foreclosed, red V/N, yellow S/L - fine with anything and everything thrown my way!

EDIT: youre welcome and encouraged to pick from the villains gallery too. any named character from the Dramatis Personae is fair game.
4th Jan 2023, 4:34 PM #13
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I’m here with Johnathon John Johnathon John Johnathon John Johnson and the Cheddar Overlords 0.9, yellow violence and do not want red nudity or sexuality, and would prefer not to have one with yellow nudity or sexuality.

Recommend whoever is paired with me to skip to the end of the first chapter, also my forgetful ass has consistently missed tails (and the one time I remembered was a reference for a request and the other person forgot the tail.) and the human girl with the reddish hair is named Sarah.

Also I promise here that my artwork for this art swap will be better than any current page of Cheddar Overlords, potentially even better than PMD Indigo (at least the first page or two, that comic is my artist journey or something like that)
It seems I have a Pokéfarm account, if anyone wishes to take note of that
4th Jan 2023, 4:45 PM #14
Bird Keeper
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I would like to submit Cupcake War Machine for this exchange. I would like to keep it SFW and PG please. To whoever I am paired up with, you can ask me anything about my characters. The only character I will kindly request to be off limits to be used in this exchange is Cousin Peter Saturn because he is a priest, please. Thanks for understanding.
4th Jan 2023, 4:48 PM #15

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Um...I don't see my comic on the participants list. I signed up with it already.
4th Jan 2023, 4:49 PM #16
but bob just wants to be friends
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Jazz Nevermore:I'd like to submit my new series The Musings of Andromeda Jane in advance. The first page of the comic will debut tonight, but I still want to enter it into the exchange if that's okay.

Tags: Red V, Red L, Red N, Red S. I'm a-okay with any and all tags.

Hey, sorry Jazz, but for this exchange I'm requiring comics to at least have 15 pages to them to be entered into the exchange. Just so people have enough substance to be able to do their exchange pieces comfortably.

If you'd like to submit one of your older comics, though, they'll happily be welcome!

And sorry, I was multi-tasking while trying to write this post.
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image banner by killersteak
4th Jan 2023, 4:55 PM #17

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^It's alright. No worries.

I guess my comic won't be elligible at all then, since the deadline for sign-ups would've already passed by the time TMOAJ has reached 15 pages.

Guess I'll just have to wait for a future exchange.
4th Jan 2023, 5:04 PM #18
my dad could derange your dad
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I'd like to sign up with Tangentville (yellow N, S, & L, mostly PG-13).

If you're not a regular reader: I suggest going to the Characters page, find a character that looks interesting, and start reading from that character's First Appearance link.
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"I.W.A.T.S.V.", 4th Jan 2023, 7:49 PM #19

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What the heck... New Year - time to get back into the crossovers and exchanges.
I will sign up with IWATSV!

Yellow V, N, S. Red L.

Here's what the mains look like out of their super-tights.

I'm cool with any rating and I don't mind being linked to comics that I've crossed over with before, if that makes things easier for everyone.
4th Jan 2023, 8:41 PM #20
but bob just wants to be friends
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I'm going to be signing up with Minimal. Tags are Yellow V/N and Red S/L. I'm fine working with any and all tags.

I'd list my previous partners, but it'll already be factored in when we assign things, lol.


If you do end up getting my comic, I can give you some starting points for various characters if you're interested in a specific person. I know my comic is a bit long so whatever can help you. But ultimately, you can approach things however you wish. There's also a characters page on my site if you'd like brief summaries about any of them.

- Taylor your best bet is to just start at Chapter 1 to learn about her. You can skip Chapters 11-13 if you want since she isn't in those at all.

- Ellenora only shows up for Chapters 2 and 3 with some brief mentions in other places.

- Beatrice comes in at Chapter 3. As with Taylor, you can skip Chapters 11-13 because she doesn't show up there.

- Faris comes in at Chapter 9, though I'd suggest starting at Chapter 8 because that's when we're introduced to the planet and society that he's from. He's been in every chapter since Chapter 9.

- Umella has only appeared in Chapter 5 so far.
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image banner by killersteak
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