More information about ComicFury/ Features
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ComicFury is a free, easy to use and advertisement-free tool that will help you set up a website for your webcomic, which you can elegantly manage without any technical knowledge. All you will have to worry about when using ComicFury is actually making the comics, the rest is provided by us. It also offers you free exposure on the site and excellent support on the forums.
ComicFury gives your webcomic a completely customizable website, you can make your own layout, optionally configure a ton of settings and it even comes with an author blog, RSS feeds and comment system.

Below is a list of some of ComicFury's features:
  • Providing a free, easy to manage webcomic site
  • Your website will be reachable at the following locations:,,
  • Hosting an unlimited number of Webcomics and comics with no bandwidth restrictions whatsoever
  • A function that lets you add custom website pages on your comic for things like an "About"-page or a "Cast"-page with a What-you-see-is-what-you-get-interface. Optionally, you can also edit them with HTML.
  • Hosting additional files needed for the layout or custom website pages
  • Providing you with a completely ad-free site.
  • Host your own domains (e.g. for free with ComicFury (You have to pay for the domain yourself) - no shoddy redirections. Contact us for more information
  • A comic search system that lets you transcribe your comics and your users search in them
  • No email verification necessary to create and manage webcomics. Email verification is optional, and only required for using the forums.
  • If you, however, do activate your account you will be able to get excellent support for all problems you may encounter on the forums.
  • Giving you the option of adding author notes on every comic strip as well as an author blog for the whole site
  • A comments function which lets you choose whether you want to allow people to comment on your comics and whether to moderate (approving them manually) the comments or not
  • An easy site-administration interface that lets you do pretty much everything
  • Everything is completely configurable, you can change all the comic information including name and location (URL) at any point of time
  • A powerful layout system that lets you configure exactly how you want your webcomic site to look via HTML. You can customize every last bit of HTML, unlike in some other hosts.
  • A number of premade layouts for those who do not like to bother with HTML
  • ComicFury allows you to hide the comic from ComicFury while you're still working on it or if you don't want to be associated with the actual host.
  • The ability to invite an unlimited amount of co.-authors to manage the comic with you
  • A permission system that lets you decide what exactly your co.-authors should and should not be allowed to do
  • Linking back or even mentioning that you're hosted by us is optional.
  • No pre-moderation. Comics you upload will appear right away, unless you choose to release them in the future. Your comics will only be removed if they contain illegal content.
  • The ability to set a comic's release date in the past, if you wish to keep correct dates while transferring an archive
  • A traffic-logging system which tells you how many people visited your site daily in form of nice graphs.
  • An extensive setting-system letting you choose the comic time zone and how dates are displayed on the comic.
  • Letting you choose precisely what to display on the comic front page.
  • Giving you the option of showing your guests codes that allow them to copy your comic strips into forums and blogs, for extra exposure.