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Hey, tea's pretty great.
Created by Text

Votes Option
2 I like it as long as it's not iced.
Rulerbrain, Heroshima

2 Sweet tea is the only acceptable variety of tea.
AlphaCalibri, LMS

8 Fuck tea, I drink water, like any good fire deity rock should.
Magnificent Dandelion, Reaper Dragon, junoro, Blockround, GMB13carat, codeinvalid, applecitrus, Bolderousness

4 Tea's not fizzy, sugary, or syrup-infused enough for me. No dice.
Morgenstern, DudeDude, stinger9, tigerrmoth

2 I only drink cow juice.
PartyEscortBotBeans, Shrek

3 I subsist entirely off of photosynthesis.
Mothtrap, BooImAGhost, loyaldog

5 This poll has too many damn options.
JohnnyV, Bizfurd, Deadly Death Sickle, Wolfline, Matt Comics

6 fuck you text i'm leaving comicfury
SharpyTheYellowKirby, mr.Trouble, SekaNeko543, Chippewa Ghost, Karinite, Audrea

2 Tea's got nothing on the blood of my enemies.
Seabiscuit, The Author

7 Okay but consider this: smoothies. Or milkshakes! Definitely one of those things.
Adina, Sample_Text, SunnySideUpSmile, Mr. Glasses, ToasterToons, NiaNook, Multamune