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Registration date: 4th Jul 2014
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About me
Hey! ;) You can call me 101calicoes, Cara, or any combo, really. I am a total geek who loves rpg's and fantasy. Check out my webcomic Ampheria, a story about epic plant people XD
Email me any time at

See ya soon!
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"Once upon a time there was a fair and just Queen who was loved by all the people. She was spirited, strong, and so beautiful that every man longed for her heart. But it was not to last.
"They called her Ampheria for her goodness, but evil is attracted to it's opposite force.
"The queen would not wake for days, but when she did, they were all frightened, for she was not the same. She was corrupted against her will, and the entire village was murdered by her hands. The evil preserved her, and so for the next 300 years, she ruled alone. 300 years through which she festered in guilt and sorrow.
"Eventually word of what had happened reached other lands. A young man by the name of Reimaren set sail for her village, and by luck, found it. The queen did not give a fight, and her felt sorry for her. He sealed her in a cavern, only to be let out when she forgave herself.
"And so she remains..."

Ampheria is a story about the Trelish, people who are born with plants growing from their spines. Please check it out and subscribe :)

Last update: 7th Jul 2015
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Geared Up
A Steampunk Romance full of gears and tears!

Geared Up-dates Fridays.

Last update: 28th Jun 2015
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