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Questionable Influence Questionable Influence
Questionable Influence is what happens when someone makes a joke, thinks of the logistics of it for way too long then makes a pokemon fan comic out of it. It is a character focused dramedy about a band of petty thieves goofing off and growing as friends as they travel across the Galar region. Among these thieves are an aggressive gluttonous Skwovet, a cosplaying wannabe villain and a delusional clearly human who claims she is a hybrid with a backstory that just doesn't quite add up. Though the entire team is not as on board with their villainy as they first thought. This comic is primarily intended for people who've seen Galar's story before and want something new, and people who want to see pokemon as important characters.

Despite the seemingly comical nature of the comic 3/4th of the main characters have dark backstories. General content warning for dark themes, including death both pokemon and human, sparse use of blood, lasting major injuries, neglectful/abusive parents/guardians, people in very bad mental states, ascended fridge horror, Arctozolt, Ditto, censored and pseudo swearing, main characters doing mean things to others with no remorse, a character unwittingly flirting with a minor though it never goes anywhere. All but the last three items on the list are taken seriously.

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Ask Crazy Hand Ask Crazy Hand
An ask blog staring super smash bro's very own Crazy Hand. Join this party animal in his crazy adventures as he passes off the ask blog to any alt or smasher that is asked a question.

He's seen as a weirdo only allowed in by family relations by the smashers in ultimate. Shunned by most of the smashers, he hops next store to world of trophies. In brawl, he's the beloved chaos god of life in a wonderland filled with every mod you can imagine.

Last update: 8th Jun 2022