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Registration date: 30th Nov 2013
Last seen: 28th Mar 2014, 3:30 PM
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Location: oregon, us
About Me
Parent, friend, neighbor. On the side, I like to make comics and whatever else I may feel like. Feel free to email me and chat if you want. ;3

AGATP's Webcomics
Adult comic warning; Drugs along with the other flags

Fresh out of highschool family tragedy gives reese brehkzeheimen a bigger responsibility than he could have ever expected, taking care of his hellion nephew, Rylan. Reeses babysitting side job kids, Nigel, a deceptively cute kid and Hershall, deceptively sane, complete this crazy excuse for a family, functional in it's disfunctionality. Reese plans to make all of their lives better by convincing them to use their skills to further his weed business. Things get wierd when a man crawls out of the garbage claiming to be a guardian angel and worse yet, that the four of them were going to die very soon.

Last update: 1st Mar 2014
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