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AJHunter's Profile
Witness of History
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Registration date: 6th Sep 2011
Last seen: 2nd Dec 2017, 3:37 PM
Posts: 933
Comments left: 380
Ratings given: 5 / 232
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Location: funky town
About me
I do music and sometimes draw. Jerkin' to anime 24/7/364; everybody needs a break.

Male pronouns, I guess, I'm fluid but more male than anything else for certain.

AJHunter's comics
Wrong Mermaid
This poor mermaid is the wrong way. Poor girl. She just wants to be loved.

Updates mondays-ish, probably.

Last update: 28th Mar 2017
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rad layout man
Last update: 10th Mar 2017
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Hunter's Fractured Johnson
This is about something. Actually, it's not about anything.
Last update: 15th Feb 2013
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