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Last seen: 20th Oct 2011, 2:47 AM
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I never took an art class in my life, but I've read about the subject on many how too websites and books. I have many story ideas in mind and I like writing too, I just wish my pictures came out better. I like fancomics, fanfiction, fan commentary, fanaticism, fantasy, and anything that's basically fan-tastic.

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The Black Princess
Sareena Black and Misty Smid are best friends, and co-workers in Eighth Sin's Paranormal Division. While Misty begins to be introduced into the operations of Sareena's family of witches and warlocks, the two find themselves faced with a quickly growing number of magically-inclined threats and dangerous individuals, all while they begin to suspect that things aren't what they seem at their job.
Last update: 8th Jan 2016
Graphic Violence / Gore