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Registration date: 2nd Feb 2014
Last seen: Yesterday, 10:23 PM
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Location: Hungary
About Me
I'm an enthusiastic amateur, so don't expect too much.
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Adam-00's Webcomics
Some youngsters have bigger plans than just hanging around, but the world is harsh. No one can climb high without help, so it's time to build connections,to take over the city one day!
Last update: 29th Apr 2015
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If you want to fight for justice, first you have to find out, what is justice? What is freedom? What is common sense? One thing's sure, you still have to fight, and things usually don't go according to the plans. Wait, that's not one thing...
Last update: 22nd Jul 2016
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Wealth can be found underground - maybe more. Many gather to find it, but with different goals. In these cases interests collide for sure.
Last update: 12th Oct 2017
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Center Europe, in an alternative 1970's, where the communist grip never loosened, a girl needs to go overboard to keep her family together.
Last update: 16th Feb 2019
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Documented everyday life of a printing company.
Last update: 29th Mar 2019
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Dark diversity
Last update: 3 days ago
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