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I've been making a photocomic for years and decided it's time to put it on it's own site!

I'm a big Transformers fan, and that'll be shown clearly in my comics lol


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Human Cookies
My toys get bored when I leave the room, so they come to life and make these comics. Sometimes they do things that cause worldwide issues, sometimes they burn the toast, it's all just a roll of the dice with them!

Watch this cast of now just over a 1000 characters do their stuff!

Last update: Yesterday
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Bricking It!
This comic follows the adventures of some Kreons and Lego Mini-Figs doing...stuff?
Last update: 2nd Nov 2014
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Old Human Cookies
These are the older comics in my Human Cookies series. I've been asked by a few people to upload them, so here they are (well once they're all up anyway)

I know some of them look bad, the focuses are terrible, the lighting is...well...yuck, but this is where I started, so they bring back some smiley memories for me, so enjoy the tackiness!

Last update: 24th May 2014
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Untitled XY
Here's a comic following the story of the Pokemon XY games.

At first the art will be a bit half-assed, but after it gets going a bit, and the plot is revealed a bit more, it'll look better...PROMISE!!!

Updates 3 times a week!

Last update: 23rd Oct 2013
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