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I'm just a fledgling webcomic writer and artist hoping to hone his skills. The first 70-odd strips will be somewhat old, but they get better. Scout's honor.

I'm open to communication, so if you have a question, fire away!

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Comic Relief Comic Relief
Comic Relief is a slice-of-life strip of an odd group of people in the same house. This includes an oft-abused immortal, a quiet mad genius, anime lovers, possible psychopaths, a sane guy, and a rabbit. Adventures range from transformation issues, to dealing with an adult bully, to just messing around with video games.

Agent is the unofficial leader of the group. Practically schizophrenic in his behavior, he often annoys his friends to the point a katana to the face is the best relief. But don't worry; he's immortal, so he comes back the next day.

Jack is the evil member. His scientific skills are as unmatched as his British art, and he could surely rule the world...if he wasn't busy with the paper.

Aakashi is a perky anime-lover, and a fan of transformation. She's loyal to her friends and rarely ever gets angry. Unless the target is a wad.

Wraith is the level-minded boyfriend of Aakashi, sharing the fandom she occupies. He's more rational and capable of backing out of a stupid venture.

Insheba is Agent's potentially-psycho best friend, willing to knife someone if she can get ahead. But she truly cares for her friends, and will reserve her wrath for bad guys and Agent.

Bunnies is the team-pet-that's-not-a-pet. She's a sentient rabbit capable of telekinesis and a penchant for, you guessed it, killing Agent.

Jonny T. is the cool guy in the house. Similar to Wraith, he's collected, but can have his penchant for sarcasm get the best of him.

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