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Registration date: 26th May 2017
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Location: some imaginary place
About me
I make comics for fun (when I have the time for it).

Agezo's comics
Ball lightning
A comic about ball lightning I'm working on, with usually a lot of time inbetween pages. The idea was inspired by some Youtube videos about extreme weather phenomena.

Please note I'm still in a learning phase, and this comic is mostly for myself.

Last update: 25th Jun 2017
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A dangerous path
[comic is a work in progress! chapter 1 will have about 8 pages.]

Society has collapsed years ago. Gangs and mafia-like organizations have immediately taken the opportunity to seize power and take control of resources. Millions of people have died because of how expensive food and shelter have become.

Ben has survived because of his incredible set of skills, but hasn't spoken to anyone since the collapse. However, his life changes after an unexpected encounter.

Last update: Today
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