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A fellow with great dreams and an artistic streak a mile wide.

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Eureka Seven: Paradox Makers Eureka Seven: Paradox Makers
It is the year 12020, and humankind is experiencing the birth of a new era. Extraterrestrial beings called Scubs have occupied the world, but peaceful coexistence with humans is still a ways away. Suddenly, a force of hostile beings called Secrets triggers a change, and humans begin to experience the evolution necessary to fight back. Those who would seize control of the wheels of fate: the Paradox Makers.

Note: This comic is read from right to left, both as a homage to manga format, and for ease of development because the artist is left-handed.

Last update: 26th Oct 2022
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
Transformers Energon: The Tale of Dauntless Maximus Transformers Energon: The Tale of Dauntless Maximus
Long ago, Primus created the Powerlinx Combiners, four special Transformers made of five components each to guard a pool of mythical Super Energon. They were forgotten by time and sealed up by corrosion. When the evil Galvatron breached the secret treasure, he killed one of the Combiners, Dauntless Maximus. However, through sheer luck, what little remained of Dauntless Maximus fell into the pool and slowly resurrected him into an even more powerful state. He then heard the voice of Primus and would embark on a mission to stop the power of Unicron from collapsing a sun into a black hole. And he would have to complete this task alone... almost.
Last update: 22nd Feb 2022