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Registration date: 30th Jun 2012
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About me
Hello! My name is AK! But you can call me AKi! o/

I love writing stories, and hope to make writing comics my main job some day! You can check out my patreon here!

That's all! Hope you have a great day!

May your spirit stay strong!

AkiTa's comics
Living in the lands of Nippon are the mysterious Kitsune. The mythological foxes are neither good nor evil, following their own values as individuals. In the Spirit World city of Myobu, under the rule of the goddess Inari, Kitsune share a common ideal and culture, fighting for justice and living in harmony. However, when that ideal is questioned, will this harmonic rule stay stable? Or will it throw the kitsune race into chaos?

Only time will tell.

Last update: 8th Jun 2017
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