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Alexander Halstead's Profile
Alexander Halstead
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Registration date: 6th Oct 2015
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Location: Florida
About me
I spent most of my high school career drawing Dragonball Z characters instead of listening in class, and even now I cannot tell you how to solve an inequality to save my life. During this time, I also started to develop my own characters, stories, and generally became a full time daydreamer/airhead.

To this day, I don't know how to turn my brain off. The constant stream of random ideas and stupidity needed somewhere to go... so I figured, hey, webcomics.

Alexander Halstead's comics
Don't Hang the Herald
In a fantasy world where the names of people and places are either flowery sounding nonsense, unimaginatively literal, or just really bad puns, the king has just died horrifically.

Much to the kingdom's dismay, the burden of the throne falls to the king's brother, Kral, a man who is easily annoyed, completely dismissive of any advice, belligerent, erratic, and now wielding complete power.

Gods help them all...

Updates Monthly

Last update: 10th May 2018
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Don't Hang the Herald Extras
This is a place for Don't Hang the Herald fan art, randomness, and also spot for me to post any rough drafts or character designs... you know, for fun!
Last update: 11th Nov 2017
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Alexander Halstead's disciples
Ten thousand years ago, the churning of temporal dark energies collided deep within the depths of hell, birthing a creature so incredibly evil and sexy that hell itself could not contain her. Now we've been dating for 6 years.