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In search for answers about her family, young Enyr joins forces with Aendhág, the lonely last prince of western dragons. Their stories have many points in common: both their families were slashed by strange enemies. Legends tell about primordial demons, monsters called DárHái, whose only purpose is destruction. The western lands agonize, but Enyr knows for sure there´re no demons involved. A more earthly power is behind the crimes against their clans, a truth that will bond their destinies forever.
Last update: 4th Nov 2020
Violent Content

In the autumn of 26 b.C., after the siege and fall of Cantabrian city of Vellica, Augustus is very ill. He´s had to abandon the front and now his legions lay under the power of legatus C. Antistius, who wants now to defeat the city of Aracillum. Cantabrian tribes seem to be united but they can´t face a siege, and winter is near. Meanwhile, survivors of Vellica seek for refuge in the mountains, but the Romans, led by young tribunus Tiberius harass them closely. Hard times are about to come, and the arrival of Alsius, an outsider who claims to be a messenger from the gods, is not going to help.


This story is set during the Cantabrian Wars, more precisely, during an episode called Mons Vindius in 26 bC. (or 727 ab Urbe Condita) In the previous year, C. Iulius Caesar Octavianus is proclaimed Imperator Augustus in Rome, meaning the end of Roman Republic. Among many other reforms, Augustus makes a new division of Roman provinces. Hispania is divided in three: Ulterior Baetica under the Senate administration, Lusitania and Citerior Tarraconensis, under the Emperor´s personal administration.
The reason is simple. Hispania is under Roman control after 200 years of wars and conquest, only the Northwest shows resistance. Augustus wants to bring the Pax Romana to all the Hispanian territories as an overtaking manoeuvre to settle his recently gained power. The first campaigns against the peoples of northern Hispania begin in 29 b.C. with no success, so in 27 b.C. Augustus himself arrives to the region. But things are not going to get easier.

-Adult content (it´s settled during a war, so)
-Irregular updates. Really irregular updates. Rare updates.

Last update: 28th Nov 2020
Graphic Violence / Gore Occasional Frontal Nudity Strong Sexual Themes Occasional Strong Language