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I am an alumni of SCAD with a BFA in Sequential Art and a Minor in Art History. I love medieval, fantasy, and adventure, but especially all three things together.


Alicia the Bard's Webcomics
Eternita Eternita
A lone wanderer is drawn into an argument between two gods that throws the balance of life off. Can he fix the damage before it is permanent?

Story completed. Read it in full now.

Last update: 25th Mar 2021
Messenger Messenger
Zaki, a young messenger-in-training, is hand-picked by the Desert Prince, Emil, to deliver a vital message to the Forest King. Along with Emil’s personal guard, Asad, Zaki must make the Prince’s wish of peace among the lands a reality, and prove to everyone, including himself, that Emil’s choice in him was the correct one.

Story completed. Read it in full now!

Last update: 24th Dec 2018
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