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I'm a survivor of Smack Jeeves "Titanic", so hi! :> I'm here to enjoy the old fashionable website.

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Undertale AU Comic

Seven hundred years after they were sealed underground, monsterkind still cling to hope that they would one day return to the surface to feel the warmth of the sun, the coldness of the rain, and the embrace of the wind.

With the passing of Dr. Gaster, it is now up to Sans and his predecessor's colleagues to continue his work to help realize this shared dream of his people.

But fate is never kind to him.

Not only does Sans have to worry about finding a solution to destroy the barrier on behalf of the King, but he also has to face a ghost of a past that he sorely wanted to keep buried.

With a significant portion of the people growing restless and impatient over the destruction of the barrier and with the political turmoil that plagues the underground due to the separation of the King and Queen, will Sans be able to make peace with himself, his duties, and his failed love?

Only time will tell...

Last update: 8 days ago
Graphic Violence / Gore