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I have a true passion for all things indie. I love alternative indie rock, indie films, and indie comics. I graduated with a secondary major in English literature. I love to read, and books usually only take me a day to read. I draw random little characters, that's my style. I love vintage everything, and my style and apartment reflect that. You can catch me watching late 90's early 2000's tv shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Gilmore Girls, and Charmed. Also hitting up my local concert venue to support current alternative artists. My commitment to the indie movie scene is strong, I once drove to Chicago just to see Lady Bird, cause that was the only place playing it at the time.

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Weird Little Characters
I make weird little characters randomly and will post them here.
Last update: 31st Jul 2021

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This bomb ass writer/ artist/ retro gamer can make really good mac n cheese. Hence, obviously, my disciple.