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Alucai Vivorvel's Profile
Alucai Vivorvel♂

Registration date: 25th Jul 2011
Last seen: Yesterday, 6:40 AM
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Location: Ontario
About me
Hardcore Nintendo (Wii, 3DS), Xbox 360, and PC gamer. Also a furry, brony, and Christian.

Alucai Vivorvel's comics
Unreal Circumstances
Setting: Planet Earth, 2025 AD
Plot: Contact with a new species was made five years ago in the year 2020, when a space-faring vessel crash-landed in the Gulf of Alaska. The aliens that were rescued appear to be wolf like in nature. After one year they learned the Earth dialect, English, and contacted their home-world and other colonies, telling them what happened. Now many of these aliens - Kirza, is what they call themselves - roam the Earth freely, mingling with the citizens of Earth, and assisting the governments in their advances to get to the outer reaches of space. However, not all Kirza are friendly, and many are just as corrupt as their Earthen counterparts.

Last update: 24th Nov 2011
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