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Amanda Harper's Profile
Amanda Harper
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Registration date: 28th May 2011
Last seen: 11th Mar 2015, 1:56 AM
Posts: 25
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Ratings given: 4.5 / 16
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Location: Ireland, Dublinish
About Me
I'm a lesbian, transexual, dominatrix and I write too.

Amanda Harper's Webcomics
An inter-dimensional action adventure, and romance in the vein of Flash Gordon, or Dan Dare (sort of). But with people of many genders, sexualities, insanities, oh and of course ukulele's, in both a Steampunk, and also a dieselpunk setting!

Updating periodically for now. I'm still finding myself working on improving the artwork. Also with my working on starting a YouTube channel, editing my first novel, and doing prep-work for a webcomic in support of a charity I'm involved with...not enough hours in the day doesn't begin to describe my life.

Anyway my drawing is improving, and speeding up so there's that, and I am determined to get to a 3 times a week updating within 12 months, so stay tuned.

Last update: 17th Jul 2014
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