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Registration date: 25th Jul 2017
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About me
Amelia Pessoa signs as Amelia Woo in the U.S. comic book industry, because she had an immense pretentious to create Manga in her earlier career. Happily, she embraces all kinds of comic books, making them her main narrative media object of interest. It’s been more than a decade since she devotes her efforts as a professional in the comic book industry, working actively for U.S. publishers as Marvel, Dynamite, Kymera Press, Trepidation Comics, Dark Horse, etc. Now, she is launching her own first Graphic Novel and a little short-game-3D-single-player-third-person-adventure-shooter-comicbook pulp noir-game. The game and this comic book are based on Kings Club, a scenario being has developed since 2008.And... she is talking in third person about herself...

AmeliaP's comics
Kings Club
Kings Club Graphic Novel Volume 1: digital-first. An Italian mafia daughter has to prove her skills during a clan war and blindly endure death threats, while two agents from a multitask international mercenary organization look for something called "The Joker" inside her family.

Genre: Conspiracy Thriller,Crime Drama, Pulp Neo Noir.

Protagonist: Leading female.

Last update: Today
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