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About Me
My name is Amina (Amy for short) and I'm a student that likes to make comic books.
I like manga and anime so my stile is inspired by them.
I also draw other things besides comics and do hand made stuff. If you like to see more then you can check out my site:
Also you can find me on facebook or youtube:
I'm glad to be here and I hope for the best.
Have a good day! ^_^

Amy-s Corner's Webcomics
Between friendship and debt
Action, Adventure, Comedy, Romance, Sci-fi
Status: ON GOING

The action takes place in a world where having powers is normal. Each person with a different power living their own "normal" life. Same goes for the Windsworth's. Elric and his younger sister Elisabeth are the children of Dylan Windsworth. Chloe on the other hand, is the bodyguard of the two, being brought into the family when she was very young.
The story starts with presenting the family and their normal day to day life. But this will change with the arrival of Uncle Donan, their lives will take a turn and Chloe finally finds out the truth about her past.

Last update: 19th Mar 2018
Undertale short fan comics
I will be posting short comics with me, Youkai (my mascot) and "Undertale" characters. The comics will be about random interactions with one and other in various circumstances. Note that these are fan made comics.

"Undertale" characters belong to Toby Fox.
Youkai and Amy (me) belong to.. well.. me XD

Hope you will enjoy our crazy encounters.

Last update: 12th Feb 2018