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Hi, I'm Jonathan. I make comics.

Andore Mordre's Webcomics
Through the Window
Chessie and Dook come from opposite sides of The Window. But that won't stop Chessie from being Dook's best friend...whether Dook likes it or not. Now updating Tuesdays AND Fridays!
Last update: Today
Namco Wars
A battle of non-epic proportions! Andore has assembled five classic Namco armies to fight in a competition to prove which is the most powerful! Updates Tuesdays.
Last update: 19th Mar 2016
Violent Content
The Legend of Link
What happens when lightning hits the TV in the middle of Nintendo's classic Zelda game? Probably not this. Updates Tue/Thu/Sat.
Last update: 14th Aug 2018
Violent Content
Dragon City Stories
This series is a spin-off of Dragon City, except it's about other citizens of Dragon City Chicago other than The Parrity family and it's not a comedy series.
Last update: 14th Dec 2015
Frequent Strong Language