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My name is Andreas Hjert, I'm from Sweden, and I'm the sole creator of this strange and wacky science fantasy universe called Helixfinger Webcomics.

Andreas Helixfinger's Webcomics
Molly Lusc
This is the neo-noir story about Molly Lusc who is a bald, black, chain-smoking, mutant femme fatale with flippers, who blows bubbles eating soap and keeps getting herself into all sorts of trouble around her sinking swamp of a hometown. Like going through a bumpy marriage, solving mysteries as a private detective, bumping off thugs, killers, cops, mutant monsters and supersharks alike, and rediscovering her lost origins.
Last update: 5 days ago
Violent Content Occasional Frontal Nudity Sexual Situations Occasional Strong Language
Get ready for an insane, violent, unrelenting orgie on a small but horrible scale, as a team of poor bug exterminators tries to survive a simple cleanup job in an near-empty building, which just so happens to be infested with those dangerous, magical whimsy-imsy creatures called "Iddlings" and whatever else is lurking down the hallway.
Last update: 5 days ago
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Frontal Nudity Strong Sexual Themes Frequent Strong Language
Imsies the Imthology
Ever heard of those whimsy-imsies? You might have heard of them in a folktale passed around in a fringe community somewhere. Or in a "imsy tale" told to you when you were a little, whamsy-amsie kid. These are the collected stories about the legendary, magical, creatures known as imsies, their numerous races and subspecies and their mysterious, hidden magical realms that has existed alongside the world we know of since the beginning of time. From the fungous, light-drinking Illumids and their ever expanding theocracy. To the leech-like Lurks who live inside the mouths of ghoulish, mutant rogues prowling the Fisson lands. To the crawling, living instruments called the Zcords, and their reality altering music. To soul shaping drugs and much, much more are contained in this very expansive, very surreal, and somewhat horrific, science fantasy anthology called IMSIES: The Imthology.
Last update: 12 days ago
Violent Content Frequent Frontal Nudity Sexual Situations Occasional Strong Language
Deep within the most turbulent tides of echo and time lies the inescapable oceans of Merubad. The ones who end up among the merciless waves, barnacle-eaten wrecks and sinking ruins and landmasses of Merubad are forced into a life of endless strife, conflict and the terror of pirates. However, myths and tales are spoken of a mysterious, yet unfound land known only as "No Land Shore". Legend has it that whoever finds and set foot on this "No land shore" shall have their wish, any ONE wish they so desire, to become reality. But only by assembling the lost pieces of "Endtide", an ancient compass created by a forgotten civilization, may this place ever be found. Three lost souls have found themselves in Merubad and they are to become involved in the quest for "No Land Shore", as three pirate factions compete with one another to become the first to reawaken Endtide, and have the wish of their heart's deepest desire come true. Let the quest for "No Land Shore" begin!
Last update: 12 days ago
Violent Content Occasional Frontal Nudity Sexual Situations Occasional Strong Language
Given the form and the agency by human hand and soul, any inanimate object can become a Phetish. And to a Phetish, humanity is a landscape that it will disembark upon and cultivate--if you allow it to. Watch as these things traverse the unchartered wilderness of the human soul and bring about transformation to its ecology, good or evil, with a poetry of their own. This is basically an Illustrative Poem collection, consisting of short random poems and longer narrative poems, complete with art pieces of a common theme.
Last update: 3 days ago
Violent Content Frequent Frontal Nudity Strong Sexual Themes Occasional Strong Language