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Rob K is not only a college drop out but also an amazing self taught artist and is currently working on the GREATEST COMIC EVER MADE! His influences include both mainstream and independant comics, as well as film and music, which he blatently rips off and passes as his own work. So if you thought those jokes from obscure indie movie were funny the first time you heard them, just wait until you hear them from an anthropamorphic turtle with a badly written British accent!

AngryRob's Webcomics
Love Kills Slowly Love Kills Slowly
Love Kills Slowly follows Impulse, Outburst and a team of meta heroes known as the Offbeats as they try to make Never city Canada a better place.
Last update: 1st Jul 2018
Violent Content Sexual Situations Frequent Strong Language
My Brain has the Dumb My Brain has the Dumb
Just Random comics I've done over the years
Last update: 7th Jan 2021
Graphic Violence / Gore Strong Sexual Themes Frequent Strong Language
Suicidipals Suicidipals
Even cute and cuddly animals get depressed. Bear witness to horrific crime scene photos and amusing lymerics of animals that just couldn't take it anymore.
Last update: 3rd Mar 2011
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
Gear Girl Gear Girl
In a future Earth ruled by alien warlords, 14-year-old Gertrude Wymer is sent back in time to save humanity. Her most powerful weapon? A genius IQ! Her only allies? An extra-dimensional fugitive, two government agents, and her parents' younger selves. Oh, and the time machine? It's a monster-punching robot. A madcap romp through time & space created & written by AngryRob and drawn by Zomburai!
Last update: Two weeks ago