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Hi. Remember to take a deep breath today.
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Spirited Souls
Loosely based on a Nuzlocke playthrough of Pokemon SoulSilver in 2014.

Tala the cyndaquil wakes up in a land where humans and pokemon live together in harmony. This ideal clashes as a mysterious force begins to take away those who are too injured.

While Tala wants to do whatever she can to help, she is unsure of how far she should go before searching for a way back home.

Updates have no schedule yet, but I'm working on it. ^-^

Pokemon belongs to Nintendo.

Last update: 17th Sep 2020
Akin by Heart
Inspired by personal life events, I wanted to create a short story without dialogue. It stars a traveling polar bear meeting faces she never expected.

As a disclaimer, while this story is about animals and I will do my best to have them act as such, it still will not be as realistic as it could be (for the sake of the plot).

Last update: This comic has not updated yet.