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Registration date: 19th Sep 2016
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About me
My name is ArmyFrog and welcome to my little section of the web! I am a sixteen-year-old computer artist and spriter who enjoyes creating webcomics as a hobby.

ArmyFrog's comics
Cantery was once a peaceful nation until the government went corrupt after the leader was assassinated by the vice president who promptly took over. The country, now living in despair seeks to overthrow the dictatorship and restore peace once again. Aundrae, Doza, and Lava form a revolutionary army with a hope to one day eradicate the corrupted system and bring back the nation's former glory.
Last update: 22nd Mar 2017
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Deep Dungeon
Welcome to the Deep Dungeon, the story of Flora, a fifteen year old girl, and Veomphavy, a mystical creature known as a lantern through their adventures in the Xeclefeu Dungeon in search for a legendary, SS rated treasure known as the Kelpf Gem. Little do our heroes know that the dungeon is not only dangerous, but it holds a terrible secret that would change the way Flora would see the world forever.
Last update: 30th Nov 2016
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Quinn Silver
Seiven William Quinn is a free-lance amateur detective who takes on special cases addressed to his doorstep. As a scientific boom commences with the discovery of Stethro, a purple substance that allows physical objects to be printed on a holographic schematic, Quinn, along with being a detective, searches for rumored yet coveted book that dictates the mysterious origins of Stethro as well as a fortune left by a wealthy silver miner.

This comic has been put on hiatus so a well developed storyline can be established.

Last update: 29th Sep 2016
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