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I like videogames, books, anime and manga! :P

(And am still very much an amateur writer! I’m learnin tho :v)

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PMD Powers Of Night PMD Powers Of Night
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Powers Of Night follows the adventures of an unlikely trio of Pokémon. Lumina , a human turned Torchic who fell straight into the Pokémon world, is tasked to uncover the secrets of a mysterious evil. Along side Lumina travels Tide, an Oshawott with an unfair past, and Sam, a Jigglypuff who hates to sing. The only problem is, how can Lumina, with no memory of her past help? So, with no prior experience(plus Pokemon disappearing left and right) can these 3 inexperienced Pokemon help figure out what’s happening in the Electriconia Region? And perhaps even save the entire World while at it?
On the other end of the spectrum, Galvin, a Pikachu fascinated with Space, notices a strange shadow on the moon, an odd Chimecho delivers a mysterious message, and Galvin is tasked(by his mother) to go shopping! What has his week turned into?

Last update: 5 days ago
Just a spot to post extra doodles and drawings for my other comic PMD Powers Of Night!

May contain spoilers for future characters and events.

Might also function as an ask blog, definitely a WIP rn :D

Last update: This comic has not updated yet.