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She/Her | Sagittarius

Hello everyone! AshWolf Forever here. I'm a published author, a digital artist, and a goofball. I do Art Role-Play Games, such as Dog Art Role-Play and Nasty-Beasts Art Role-Play. My comics here will be illustrated poems, actual stories, and song fics.

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Life's A Crepshoot Life's A Crepshoot
Welcome to Crepundium, affectionately dubbed "Crep", a realm of childhood fantasy created by an author/artist known as AshWolf Forever. Ash lives here along with a ragtag cast of characters who not-so-patiently wait for her to fit them into her world beyond it. This comic chronicles the adventures of the she-wolf in her day-to-day life, as well as the chaos her characters manage to get themselves into. It will be updated at random.
Last update: 1st Oct 2022
Occasional Strong Language
The Windwater Pack The Windwater Pack
A story of trust, teamwork, and mutual respect.

When the freshly orphaned eight-week-old wolf pup was scooped up by a twenty-something farm boy, he was terrified. Little did he know his life was about to change for the better.

Dubbed Zephyr by the human, the pup’s days are soon filled with bedtime stories, dance lessons, and learning the nonsensical rules of his new home. When his instincts clash against these rules, the resident farm dog, Rue, is quick to correct him. Zephyr pushes himself to adapt, refusing to let J.C. – the human he has come to see as an elder brother – down. Zephyr would be content to stay beside J.C. forever. However, forever is a long, long time.

And time has a way of changing things.

Last update: 6th Nov 2020