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Hello! My name is James and I'm a small time artist that mostly makes Pokemon comics. If there's anything I love more than a slice of abstract pie it's some art. If you enjoy what I create then don't be afraid to tell me. I do not accept commissions or anything of the like but I may take suggestions into consideration. I do not consider myself a furry, although my content contains furry-esque features in the characters they are usually there to keep them looking good.

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PMD: A Different Take
A new take on the mystery dungeon franchise. It may just seem like a standard adventure but somethings off...... Something's wrong with this place but what is it? it seems that there's a mysterious entity trying to change the world, but is it really for the greater good? Are you the bad guy? Only time will tell. Do not read if you suffer from any major mental illnesses that may hurt your own self image from reading (Depression, ADHD, Dissociative identity disorder, dysphoria, PTSD, Anxiety disorders of most kinds). Contains consistent psychological horror, death, and other elements that some people might find disturbing. Not suitable for anyone under 13. Inspired by:Flavia-Elric,ケLV,Woo,Zen, And many others.
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Violent Content Occasional Strong Language