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I write and ink Floating On.

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Floating On
The year is 2231, just a quarter-century after the Event. The seas have risen and much of humanity has fled to the stars. Three researchers remain in orbit around the Earth, controlling a drone stationed on a salvaged yacht.

Updates on Saturdays at 10am PST.

This comic is made by AsphaltEvidence (writing/linework) and iMilq (editing/coloring).

We originally began this comic in 2016 on Smackjeeves. We also have a mirror on Tapas.

We have a Patreon where we release pages for public reading on normal update days. Patrons at a certain tier can read pages 6 days early. We also have a bunch of other goodies for Patrons to enjoy.

Thank you for reading Floating On and we hope you enjoy!

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