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Shattered Skies Shattered Skies
An anthromorphic fantasy with species at war. The great war has wound down to a stalemate and all the species have pulled their forces back. The elementals, the Foxcieans, have returned to their floating fortress while the earthen lords, the Jackals haven’t been seen for almost a hundred years. The wolven adults have disappeared leaving their home defended by children. Then there are the cats. They have sent the two most unlikely candidates to offer peace to their closest enemies – the Wolven.
Last update: Yesterday
Graphic Violence / Gore
Scuvener - spotlight. Scuvener - spotlight.
Scuvener the Shyharta of the Wind Foxcieans would describe himself as a realist - but anyone who actually knows him would know that he's an absolute cynic. But cynic or not he's rather good at his job much to the Lo'shi's distaste. He would rather see someone more manageable in the position of the Shyharta of the Wind.

This is a little spotlight on pivotal parts of Scuvener's life.

Last update: 8th Mar 2022
Saluna - Spotlight Saluna - Spotlight
Starting off life as an experiment in the Jackals den, her life changes dramatically with a chance encounter.
Last update: 21st Oct 2019
Graphic Violence / Gore
Threan - Spotlight Threan - Spotlight
Threan Spotlight is a short comic highlighting a tragic and important event in his young life.
Last update: 24th Jun 2018
Graphic Violence / Gore