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Author and Illustrator for every panel of Buckeye and Turbo. Friday updates!

This comic is dedicated to my family and all of my friends, who have put up with me for years and decades. A special thanks goes to the real-life Turbo, who constantly inspires me and is always there, no matter the situation.

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The Adventures of Buckeye and Turbo
The Adventures of Buckeye and Turbo takes place in the not-too distant future and stars 2 best friends. All they try to do is survive, by any means necessary, through the End of the World. If you and your best friend would do almost anything for each other, you shall understand the plight of Turbo and Buckeye. Join them every week as they encounter slightly-realistic, insanely-violent, hysterical situations! ~A.C.
Last update: 2nd Feb 2020
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language