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Ever since I was little, I've always wanted to make my own cartoons. Now, I'm willing to show my art to the world. Even though I need practice on some basics, I believe that I can accomplish my goals. As long as I keep practicing and drawing, I believe that I can become a comic book artist someday. It takes prayer, practice, and believing in myself.

Keep up the great work on your webcomics too! As long as we continue to draw, we'll always believe that we can reach our goals.

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Cryptic Yume
Celeste Jenkins is a 19-year-old janitor with a big imagination. However, she feels that life is bringing her down due to snobby girls, an eccentric boss, and the lack of friends.

When she stumbles upon a strange-looking fish, a new adventure unfolds. Celeste will soon realize that she is chosen to defeat the evil Goatman from ruling Cryptica, a world full of cryptids. Along the journey, she will discover her destiny and why she was chosen.

Updates every Friday!

Last update: 6th Jun 2012
Graphic Violence / Gore