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AviShtap's Profile
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Registration date: 10th Mar 2016
Last seen: 2nd Feb 2018, 4:51 PM
Posts: 31
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Location: Next to New York but still in New Joisey :(
About me
HEY GUYS! My name's Avital. I'm a 3D animator, songwriter, artist, and pun aficionado.

I used to make a terrible comic on here. It was called So Funny I Forgot to Laugh. Then I left, to do Team Fortress animations on YouTube as Mag Magnet.
And now after 3 years, I'm back! To make NEW terrible comics! (AND YOU MIGHT LOVE THEM!!!)

AviShtap's comics
Cali Coffee Co
Ricco and ChiChi open up a hipster coffee shop in New York City. Business is failing miserably, but Ricco doesn't seem too concerned!
Updates sporadically.

Last update: 14th Apr 2016
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