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Registration date: 15th May 2011
Last seen: 24th May 2012, 6:40 PM
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About me
Simply put, I love anime, manga, cosplay, and I LOVE yaoi!! <3 I also love Glee (Blaine x Kurt are so kawaii! <3) and have a HUGE obsession with Darren Criss!!! I also love Emilie Autumn, she's so beautiful and her voice, music and peoms are amazingly wonderful in every way! I love music, Red Vines, A Very Potter Musical, A Very Potter Sequel, and all other stuff!
Hope we can be friends, eh? ;3

AwesomeMe!'s comics
Boys Slice Of Life!
Boys Slice Of Life! is about three boys, Drake, Dylan and Jamal. In this comic you will watch them live their lives, one day at a time. Laugh, learn and play, as they say!
Last update: 25th Aug 2011
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Alice Visits Wonderland
Alice Sparrow is just a normal teenage girl, but has alwasy been teased about her name, others comparing her to Alice from Wonderland. But what happens when Alice DOES go to Wonderland? And what about the Mad Hatter, a boy her age, who seems different than the rest of the characters?
When she knows the story, will she play along?

Last update: 17th May 2011
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