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B4DDR4WN's Profile
Registration date: 15th Feb 2017
Last seen: 19th Aug 2017, 8:01 AM
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Location: Denmark
About me
Hey, I'm Agnes. I like to draw and make comics, but I don't say I'm good at it! XD And yea, I love cats. Cx

B4DDR4WN's comics
Stick Alive
Just a person who draws a stickman, and the stickman is alive. What is gonna happen now?
Last update: 7th May 2017
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The Daveson
A comic about a mom, a dad and four children. They're all pretty different, and together they make a (funny) family.
Last update: 8th May 2017
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Dear Depressing Diary
A story about a depressed girl trying to get happier while she tells her story.
Last update: 8th May 2017
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