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Author/Artist of the Supercell online graphic novel.

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Supercell Supercell
Trapped in a contested valley between the two largest empires on the planet, the Nasriaten Cultural Exchange Academy is one of the few “olive branches” keeping a sixty-year-old cold war from exploding into an apocalypse of battle-magic and railgun fire. Within the sanctuary of its walls (and its top-secret military training program), 16-year-old Kheil Nazuret’s biggest concern is winning back the affections of her father, the school’s icy Headmaster. But when a ghost from her father’s past threatens to kick down the Academy’s door and expose its true purpose, it’s up to Kheil to somehow rally a city of half-trained child soldiers into a fighting force capable of shattering an invasion.

Supercell is an online graphic novel by Ben M. Brice (hi friends!) with editing and layouts by Ariana Brice.

Last update: 3rd May 2019
Graphic Violence / Gore