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Not self propelled artillery.

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The Third Arbiter
an original short-story set on a dead Earth-like planet where even technology has fallen victim to mass extinction. Heavily inspired by science fiction of the 80's and 90's.
Last update: 23rd Feb 2020
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Frontal Nudity Frequent Strong Language
Archives of Memoria - Final Fantasy IX: Gaiden
FFIX Gaiden is a fancomic for the titular jrpg, taking place before, during and after the events of the game as it follows the life of the side-character Alleyway Jack. Adventure, mystery, tragedy and new memories await in this alternate take on the world of Gaia!
Last update: 23rd Sep 2019
Violent Content Occasional Strong Language
Senhyakkin [1,100 birds]
This is a Kenshi fancomic first and foremost, but with a clumsy attempt at carrying a thematic narrative.
Last update: 15th May 2020
Graphic Violence / Gore Occasional Frontal Nudity Frequent Strong Language
The March will come
A dystopian biopunk Science-fiction in three acts.

This story follows a pair of friends, one human and the other not, as they struggle to survive in a barren artificial world full of conflict and decadence.

Last update: 26th Nov 2013
Graphic Violence / Gore
The Hatventurers
A fancomic written entirely for Hatfilms. Meant to have been posted in the gallery, but it wouldn't allow any more than 15 images. SO HERE IT IS.
Last update: 3rd Nov 2012
Graphic Violence / Gore