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Registration date: 12th Nov 2017
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About Me
Just an inspiring writer who has finally decided to turn my long thought about comic idea into reality.

Barry_Scott's Webcomics
Stuffed Up
Stuffed Up is a crime noir mystery set in the fictional 'Remcoy City', a once bustling, safe metropolis that has recently begun declining and crime-ridden ghettoes have begun appearing around the city at an alarming rate. The reason for this sudden explosion in crime is quite simple, the city is entirely populated by a variety of battery operated toys, who must change out their batteries once a week to avoid losing power permanently. A situation that has been exploited by greedy battery manufacturers who have a monopoly on the supply for the city and thus through this influence, virtually control the entire city itself. They have used this power to put corrupt figures into the cities most powerful positions, allowing them to constantly raise prices and lower quality without fear of persecution. The ever-increasing price of batteries have led many of the cities desperate citizens into the hands of counterfeit battery suppliers, who's cheap alternatives may work but come with unpredictable side effects such as rage, violence and psychotic episodes.

Stuffed Up follows the journey of a large, not so fluffy, yo-yo swinging teddy bear named Jake McFluff and his long-suffering martial expert drumming monkey partner, Munk, two veteran renegade detectives who have witnessed first hand the decline of their home. Both lament the fact that their department is forced to seemingly only protect the interests of battery corporations who they believe are responsible for creating the chaos on the streets, much to the annoyance of their short-tempered chief. This all changes after a new type of potent counterfeit battery is linked to the largest terror attack in the cities history, leading the two to set off and find the supplier responsible the carnage. Little do they know that what they uncover along the way is a conspiracy so large, that it could threating to destroy Remcoy and it's citizens for good.

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